Our Leadership

Values in our Business
Ariel X. Burt
Managing Partner
Ariel is focused on business development and new opportunities across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Currently she is predominately active in the Asian market for CAERO by spearheading our ventures together with local teams. Ariel is overlooking both, the sourcing and due diligence of new opportunities, and the active management of development activities from an architectural and engineering perspective from conception to implementation.
Abel Hoehler
Abel is in charge of arranging the financial structures of CAERO’s various ventures with a particularly strong focus on our investor and banking community in the UK and the US. He is also responsible for our overall corporate and investment strategy.
Andreas J. Dietl
Principal, General Counsel
Andreas is in charge of all legal matters of CAERO’s various activities and is driving the structuring and negotiations of CAERO’s corporate and investment undertakings. He concentrates not only on legal intricacies, but endeavours to reach economically feasible solutions.
Oliver M. Schilz
Associate Partner
Oliver Schilz is an Associate Partner with CAERO. He is responsible for identifying investment opportunities, strengthening existing partnerships and furnishing new partnerships with industry leaders in finance and technology arenas of renewable energy. Prior to joining CAERO, Mr. Schilz was Partner of an international investment bank and also served as managing director of the bank’s real estate company.
Lluis Torrent
Chief Technology Officer
Lluis Torrent is Chief Technology Officer of CAERO. He is responsible for management of global operations and technology functions. He has, in past, served in a broad range of leadership roles including ABB Global Solar Centre of Competence.