Abel Hoehler

Abel is in charge of arranging the financial structures of CAERO’s various ventures with a particularly strong focus on our investor and banking community in the UK and the US. He is also responsible for our overall corporate and investment strategy.

Since 2004 Abel has been involved in utility scale PV solar and wind power transactions in Europe the US, and Japan. Joint ventures were successfully pursued with private equity investors, financial institutions or private equity and hedge funds on one end, and equipment makers such as Q-Cells, REC, Vestas or Gamesa, on the other end. Besides solar and wind, fund raising for large scale forestry and biomass operations in the US was conducted.

Over the years key transactions have been consummated with counterparts such as UBS Infrastructure Funds, Sumitomo Corporation, or LHI Leasing of Germany.

Since 2002 Abel’s real estate investment and asset management companies in London and Zurich have been structuring, financing and managing transactions well above €1.5bn, mainly in the commercial real estate segment in Switzerland, the UK, Germany, and Austria. Key transactions were completed with UHNWIs, pension funds, listed REITS or investment vehicles from The Netherlands and Israel as well as Deutsche Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse and Fortress.

In Switzerland Abel’s entities completed major transactions in excess of CHF 950m with Credit Suisse, UBS, Swisslife, or Migros Bank.

Abel has been a serial entrepreneur and investor during the 1990’ies in the media sector. He sold off all positions in the sector by 2001.