Acquisition and realisation

2008-10: Financing of a 43MW solar plant, located in Germany eventually sold to LHI Leasing.

2009: Sale of a solar park with 10MW capacity, located in Puglia , Italy to Sumitomo Corporation.

2009-11: Sourcing, restructuring and financing of a 48MW solar project in Veneto, Italy, built with S.A.G. AG of Germany and sold to BNP Green Energies Fund.

2009: EPC finance for a solar park having 5MW capacity, located in Czech Republic on behalf of a private investor.

2007-09: Fundraising for a non-listed US$400m US Timberland REIT in Europe.


2010-13: Funding of a 450MW wind park development portfolio in Poland and Italy, and bridge funding of further project wind power project portfolios in Bulgaria and Romania.

2012-13: Acquisition of project rights, development and on-balance sheet construction of a 50MW wind park in Poland and sale to ENEA, the Polish utility.

2012-14: Build-up of a local solar development team in the UK and compilation of a largish project pipeline, a 125MW portfolio of sub-5MW site.

2016/17: Financing and sale of a 60MW plus portfolio of wind farms in Germany.

2017: Scheduled sale of a small-scale hydro power plant in Austria.

Central Europe,

Portfolio 450 MW

Average carbon emissions calculated as savings in comparison to coal during 25 years in million metric tons CO2 (MMTCDE)
29 metric tons CO2