Our Sustainable Investment Strategy

Values in our Business
CAERO has a robust framework of investment decision processes ensuring ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations implemented and complied into all stages of its investment cycle i.e. from conceptualization & development stage to completion stage of all CAERO projects undertaken till date. ESG principles and international standard for best practices being implemented by CAERO, are central to this framework.
We at CAERO believe in pragmatic actions be implemented in the field of ESG ensuring highest ESG standards globally, with quality benchmarks created ahead of what governments of nations globally has set up till date. Our core principles and beliefs have motivated us in working towards transformation of present energy system and we firmly believe that it will lead into a higher quality of life, simultaneously contributing to a low-carbon economy and avoid irreparable damage to our planet.

Investing into a Sustainable Future

CAERO‘s policies and beliefs are based on its four pillars / strategies to offer investments in sustainable projects while pursuing competitive returns for their investors. CAERO adhere to below four values or principles; core to our M.D., principals and partners who as a prominent believer of these values have signed them with being further framed and displayed prominently in our offices including our corporate offices and renewable energy facilities operating around the globe.

After becoming a UN PRI signatory in 2014. CAERO incorporated the principles into the CAERO Environmental and Social Responsibility Code which marines actions required pre- and post-investment, including:

  • Incorporating ESC considerations into investment analysis and decision- making processes
  • Being active owner: and incorporating ESG considerations into our ownership policies and practices
  • Seeking appropriate disclosure on the ESG practices of target investments
  • Promoting the acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry
  • Working to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Principles
  • Promoting ESG within the investment industry
  • Monitoring and reporting platform investment ESG activities and progress one quarterly and annual basis

CAERO’s Investment Code requires all employees commit to the following key principles, which platforms are also required to adopt:

  • Minimise adverse impact: and enhance positive effects on the environment, stakeholders and staff
  • Apply the relevant international best practice standards to investments
  • Commit to continuous improvements in managing ESG topic: and issues
  • Make efficient use of natural resources and protect the environment
  • Support the reduction of GHG emission:, contributors to climate change
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Promote social aspects of the development impact from investments
  • Apply management systems that address ESG risks
  • Realise ESG opportunities as an essential aspect of investment value

All of CAERO’s investments are screened and reviewed prior to their development or acquisition based on the eight IIC Performance Standards maned below:

  • Assessment and management of Environment & Social (E&S) risks and impacts
  • Labour and working conditions
  • Resource efficiency and pollution prevention
  • Community health, safety and security
  • Land acquisition and involuntary resettlement
  • Biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of living natural resources
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Cultural heritage

CAERO has committed to exclude a number of sectors and activities from its investment mandate as these would conflict with the Investment Code and IFC Performance Standards, including:

  • Activities involving the conversion or degradation of critical natural habitats
  • Commercial logging
  • Production, storage, trade in, or disposal of, radioactive products
  • Activities involving exploitative forms of labour or child labour