Ariel X. Burt

Managing Partner
Ariel is focused on business development and new opportunities across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Currently she is predominately active in the Asian market for CAERO by spearheading our ventures together with local teams. Ariel is overlooking both, the sourcing and due diligence of new opportunities, and the active management of development activities from an architectural and engineering perspective from conception to implementation.

Ariel, is a licensed Architect, having received her Masters of Science at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Switzerland, with a special focus in engineering and architecture. Experienced in planning city districts for large-scale mixed-use master plan projects with integrated skyscrapers in various jurisdictions world wide, as well as in the planning and realisation of complex architectural buildings. She has worked as an architect and later as a construction supervisor at several different leading architecture firms in Europe and the US.

Her expertise lies in a holistic approach, experienced in the broad range of the construction chain, spanning from preliminary conception, architectural design, construction layout, project finance structures and the construction of architectural, infrastructure and utility scale energy plants. Ariel has been involved with Caero since six years, having been active internationally for Caero’s projects in Switzerland, Germany and Italy, as well as the US and Asia. She is now serving as an executive director at CAERO.