CAERO’s business opportunities and investment solutions are not only thematically sustainable. We aspire to achieve a context of responsibility, compliance and transparency in all projects we pursue.

Creating useful, smart, environmentally and economically viable infrastructure solutions for cities, communities and industrial without crowding out other useful local or cross-national activities. The technology chosen for implementation is generated by using tier one components, without ignoring the mission to minimise the carbon footprint, where possible.

Values in our business.


CAERO´s principals believe that we can create smarter energy and infrastructure solutions and thereby preserve natural resources and unlock potentials in a dramatically changing energy market. We run lean and coordinated execution teams composed of cross-disciplinary professionals, and we endeavour to encourage talent. The team is committed to implement its values and principles while realising competitive and technically innovative solutions in infrastructure and energy projects worldwide. Our team has a longstanding track record in developed countries across North America, Europe and Asia and aims to develop mechanisms to implement solutions into more and more developed and emerging markets.

Preservation of natural resources and environment by switching to alternative and renewable energy solutions is central to CAERO. Not only because we think it offers a great and green investment opportunity but because we believe it is necessary and a significant component to slow down and finally reverse devastating exploitation and address the growing energy demand in a responsible and sustainable way.

These core values are reflected in the company’s name: Clean Agenda Energy, Return Optimised, CAERO.