Currently we focus on developing suitable, economically viable, and environmentally responsible infrastructure and energy projects in OECD countries and a selection of developing countries, whilst generating significant, long-term, stable and risk adjusted returns for our equity partners.

The focus of our activities currently lies in the UK, Japan, Peru, the US, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

Infrastructure, Energy Strategies.
- Predictable revenues and cash flows
- Revenues independent from economic cycles
- Highly attractive IRR´s achievable
- Zero emissions and positive environmental balance
- Scalability
- Sustainable investments are the mega trend
Duration of an early stage project development investment cycle is usually expected not to exceed twelve months until RTB/NTP, and 18 months until COD. The operational asset is usually held over 20 years, with an exit possibility anytime, while realising the most value exiting after year three.
Investment Hightlights.
- Resource availability
- No fuel infrastructure
- Limited operating risks
- Low maintenance cost
- Proven technology
- Peak load balancing
- Medium term: cost competitiveness
Return on capital is calculated on average at a multiple based bullet coupon, or with an earn out component as a project co-owner; i.e. we usually offer special debt, mezzanine and equity options.
Investment Hightlights II.


Below there is a brief historic overview of the group’s activities in Europe, Asia and the United States. The content is solely intended to support the understanding of the particular businesses carried out by entities entirely or partly owned by the CAERO principals.


2008-10: Financing of a 43MW solar plant, located in Germany eventually sold to LHI Leasing. // 2009: Sale of a solar park with 10MW capacity, located in Puglia , Italy to Sumitomo Corporation. // 2009-11: Sourcing, restructuring and financing of a 48MW solar project in Veneto, Italy, built with S.A.G. AG of Germany and sold to BNP Green Energies Fund. // 2009: EPC finance for a solar park having 5MW capacity, located in Czech Republic on behalf of a private investor. // 2007-09: Fundraising for a non-listed US$400m US Timberland REIT in Europe. // 2010-13: Funding of a 450MW wind park development portfolio in Poland and Italy, and bridge funding of further project wind power project portfolios in Bulgaria and Romania. Resale of the vast majority of the portfolio to JV partner Vestas for final development. // 2012-13: Acquisition of project rights, development and on-balance sheet construction of a 50MW wind park in Poland and sale to ENEA, the Polish utility. // 2011-13: Collaboration with turbine maker Gamesa to restructure and refinance a larger portfolio of wind power plants in various states in the US, offering both off-take options- merchant and financial hedges. Among other, a close cooperation with Fortress Special Investments on capital solutions for an 80MW merchant wind farm in Idaho. // 2012-13: Financing of a 240MW wind power project in ERCOT /Texas, US. // 2012: Joint endeavour with K-Road Power of NYC, to pursue a project pipeline in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. // 2012-14: Build up of a local solar development team in the UK and compilation of a largish project pipeline, a 125MW portfolio of sub-5MW site. // 2012-15: “Pipeline No. One” of mega solar projects in Japan (90+300MW) has been under development through the passing years; projects are currently advanced to late stage or NTP status and financial close.First projects already commenced construction in 2016. CAERO disposed of its 50% interest in the pipeline in Q1 2015, by selling to its partners, a Singaporean asset manager and US based hedge fund, but to remain an advisor and passive shareholder until all projects will reach NTP. “Pipeline No. Two” (250MW) is presently in development in a joint venture with a globally active EPC company backed by private equity out of the US. 2016 / (going forward): CAERO received a mandate to arrange the capital structure and overall financing for a 980MW pumped storage hydro power station located in Austria. Commencement of construction expected in 2018, COD in 2024. 2016/17:Financing and sale of a 60MW plus portfolio of wind farms in Germany. 2017: Scheduled sale of a small-scale hydro power plant in Austria.2017: CAERO is set to develop integrated green energy strategies for specific growth areas in the world, including the Middle East, i.e. UAE, but also emerging markets in Asia or Africa.