The CAERO group is a dynamic, globally operating enterprise with offices in Zug/Switzerland, London and Tokyo. In the process of our development activities in various jurisdictions we set up local subsidiaries in the respective countries or areas we work in.

The team behind CAERO combines broad industry experience and has proven to structure, finance and place numerous renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure transactions in direct access to the capital markets, with its vast network in the energy industry and technology sector. Above all, the quality, loyalty and commitment of our equity, utility, EPC, banking and development partners are indispensably paramount to the success of our ventures.


CAERO has extensive transaction experience in sourcing, structuring and financing large-scale renewable energy projects. We have the tools to structure capital solutions for developers and investment partners to elevate the value of their renewable and infrastructure investments.

The company will use its extensive network in the banking and private equity universe to approach portfolio plays, comprising operating assets and developments in constraints or distressed situations. Target markets are Western Europe, the Americas and Asia. and selectively emerging markets.


CAERO deploys its own funds to create situations or platforms featuring investible products in different markets.

This enables investors to participate in a joint venture, or similar structure, to enjoy entering the value chain even earlier than at NTP ("notice-to-proceed") or COD ("commercial operating date").


CAERO’s teams have managed real assets successfully on a long-term basis for it´s own account and/or it´s investors. This includes initial set up capital structures, monitoring of reporting and maintenance & operations, and refinancing, or exit sales exercises.

This includes initial set up of capital structures, monitoring maintenance and operations, and refinancing or exit sales exercises.


CAERO develops renewable and infrastructure investment opportunities, and turns these into investible projects. The selection and evaluation of promising jurisdictions and correspondingly global partners and local counterparts is a key element of our work.

CAERO is currently actively developing and preparing for construction projects in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Future strategic regions include South Africa and a small basket of emerging markets, mainly around the Indian and Pacific Ocean Rim.


CAERO is developing with industry leaders the next generation of architectural answers, as by 2050, 70% of the world´s population will be living in cities.

The combination of the industrial know-how is melted into cutting edge functional design of city urban centers, we strive to come up with solutions that will be a role model for the future of architecture.


About Us.

CAERO is operating like an integrated renewable energy merchant bank. Our boutique investment and development platform has its offices in London, Zug/Switzerland and Tokyo. Our business spans from green-field development to the acquisition and transformation of mid- to late stage projects into NTP and/or COD projects.


We run a network of exclusive joint ventures with utilities, EPCs, developers and equity sponsors around the globe.

The firm has been shaped up and formed as a consolidated system bundling the expertise and relationships of a considerably strong team. The evolution of CAERO and its principals over the passing years is spanning across a number of utility scale projects that have been sourced, developed, structured, built, financed and sold across Germany, Italy, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the UK, North America, and Japan.


Abel Hoehler

Abel is in charge of arranging the financial structures of CAERO’s various ventures with a particularly strong focus on our investor and banking community in the UK and the US. He is also responsible for our overall corporate and investment strategy.






About Abel Hoehler

Ariel X. Burt
Managing Director

Ariel is focused on business development and new opportunities across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Currently she is predominately active in the Asian market for CAERO by spearheading our ventures together with local teams. Ariel is overlooking both, the sourcing and due diligence of new opportunities, and the active management of development activities from an architectural and engineering perspective from conception to implementation.


About Ariel X. Burt

Andreas J. Dietl
Principal, General Counsel

Andreas is in charge of all legal matters of CAERO’s various activities and is driving the structuring and negotiations of CAERO’s corporate and investment undertakings. He concentrates not only on legal intricacies, but endeavours to reach economically feasible solutions.





About Andreas J. Dietl